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"WOKISM," the $transfer-of-wealth defined. See midway below why pundits won't define wokism. And how wokism affects you daily. People run and hide from the Federal Reserve (Fed), though it's the unlawful Fed and banking cabal that's making our lives so miserable (for example, the too high "8.5% prime interest rate" restricting loans makes no sense). To subsidize wokism (the $transfer), your already high taxes must keep rising.

If you don't demand the removal of Pres. Biden, your sons and daughters will soon be fighting in World War III, CLICK HERE. (Feb. 7 letter to Victor Davis Hanson, click here.)

Thomas Jefferson on U.S. Banking



At the Debate, the First Official Acknowledgement of Digital Currency. Candidate Ron DeSantis says as President, "On Day 1, [The Fed's] digital currency is in the trash."        

          As we all know from Biden, presidents can cause unnecessary catastrophes and get people killed. So we must be careful about whom we vote in. At the Dec. 6 fourth Republican presidential debate, Candidate Ron DeSantis "proved his mettle" by saying he would trash the Federal Reserve's (Fed) plans for digital currency (to outlaw cash). At the debate, DeSantis and Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy were the most critical of the "deep state" destroying America.

          As Governor of Florida, DeSantis, a Constitutionalist, showed that his record on stopping the deep state (the swamp) is far more credible than Donald Trump as President. Later, DeSantis questions the constitutionality of outlawing cash and notes the extremely high interest rates. Trump's presidency did not, and even now he does not address the Fed problem, that's causing virtually all the crises in the U.S. and around the world. HERE ARE SIX EXAMPLES: 1) The Fed "prime interest rate" is not published and inoperably high at 8.5% causing small businesses to close and 2) preventing home buying. 3) This restriction of dollars in poor nations is a major cause of immigrants flooding the southern U.S. border, and 4) why many nations are searching for another currency to replace the Fed abusing the U.S. dollar.

         5) Reducing competition causing high prices (that's not inflation). With this restriction of trade, Wall Street companies & foreign investors are running around buying-up businesses and real estate that reduces competition (the other cause of high home prices, lumber, food, etc). 6) The fraudulently high interest rates is more evidence of Biden and the Fed attempting to collapse the economy, to impose outlawing cash. –– Americans have awaken and realizing it's the Fed making their lives miserable. (This Homepage below explains "wokism" and provides the tort action on stopping the Fed.) Hence, everyone should see Ron DeSantis in the Dec. 6 debate > click here.

Preventing World War III:

        {NOTE: Still not ready to confront the status quo destroying your life? In her July 14, 2023 speech to Coppin University, Vice President Kamala Harris made reference to the United States "reducing the poplulation" to fight climate change. According to the New York Post, in her transcript at the White House, "population" was crossed-out and "pollution" was penciled-in. Yet Harris still stated "reducing the population" in her speech. Click here for more on "De-population."}


           Next, 2022 in California, the mainstream media, FBI, & CDC covered-up a secret Chinese-owned biolab producing HIV and Ebola viruses.

         November 15, 2023. Biden calls China President a "dictator" at APEX Summit - More evidence that Biden wants WWIII. Some pundits are calling Biden immature for "name calling" at this highest level of international negotiations. But with his long experience at age 81, Biden shows once again that today's status quo wants WWIII with China and Russia. It was Biden who forced the Ukraine president to tear-up the Minsk Peace Agreement with Putin. Then, Nancy Pelosi's April 2022 visit to Taiwain led to China ending cooperation: on climate change, the joint anti-drug efforts (stopping fentanyl), and military talks. How can China and others trust the U.S. eratic behavior? Another example, with no photos or names of the 32 Americans & 1400 Iraelis allegedely killed by Hamas on Oct. 7, it appears Biden allowed Netanyhu to invade Gaza on the pretense of a mass Hamas massacre (and touted as the worst since the Holocaust). This time to provoke WWIII through Iran. Reported on Nov. 16 (New York Post), according to a U.S. House Select Committee report, in Reedley, CA, thousands of vials of biological substances — including some labeled “HIV” — and a freezer marked “Ebola” were found inside a secret Chinese-owned biolab. Initially, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and FBI refused to investigate, proving the Biden Administration knew about the lab. WHAT YOU CAN DO: 1) Print-out Petition-letters on this website for Congress to replace both the Biden Administration and the Federal Reserve. 2) Join the popular "No-labels Movement" to change the status quo (of both Republican & Democrat parties). 3) Demand the resignation of Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel. 4) Demand the resignation of FBI Director Christopher Wray. Presumably, the biolab cover-up led to firing CDC Director Rochelle Walensky on May 20, 2023.

         – Unless we act on his removal, our nation will not survive the Biden presidency.

     UNSAFE IN BIDEN'S AMERICA > Support Liens to Remove Corrupted Officials: The persistent circumstantial evidence shows operatives of the status quo did set-up the March & April 2023 mass shootings in Nashville, Tennessee & Louisville, Kentucky. Why / the motive? . . . to move public opinion towards taking away guns. BUT HISTORY SHOWS THAT WHEN GUNS ARE TAKEN, RIGHTS ARE TAKEN. For example, collapsing the economy with continuing rising interest rates will be opportunity to outlaw cash (and to arm illegal migrants against Americans to impose the cashless society).

      Under the Communist Biden Administration, the record-high mass shootings are used to make us feel unsafe so that we depend ever more upon Gov'mt. It's classic "gov'mt racketeering," to create the crisis and then use tax dollars to provide the solution. Apparently the same techniques used for jihad suicide bombers in the Middle East are now used in America on people who are susceptible to committing mass shootings. These include the two May 3 & May 4, 2023 shootings in Serbia (Europe) that killed 18 people at a school, and killed 8 the next day. The evidence lies in officials hiding the "impersonal motive" for these killings (see below the March 31 Report on shooter Audrey Hale, and April 21 Report to the Bishop's Table). – For removing officials from office, support enforcement of the 22 outstanding liens on this website at the local, State, & federal levels of Gov'mt, including Joe Biden, and Chairman Jerome Powell of the Federal Reserve.

       (NOTE: Recommend Sen. Joe Machin (D) & Former Governor Asa Hutchinson (R) as interim President & Vice President to replace the Biden Administration.)

    W A R N I N G . . .

The Real Cause of Rising Prices:



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A. The climate plan, C.C.R.P (below), can't begin until repairing the fixable debt crisis. See $trillions in restitution claim (below) owed to U.S. households.

B. HOMEPAGE: The corporate-owed media is focusing the public on China, while the Federal Reserve (Fed) and Biden are doing the real damage to the United States.

C. WOKISM (woke corporations & institutions) is not defined by conservatives Hugh Hewitt, Charlie Kirk, Etc. They do not understand that ending wokism requires ending the Fed.

D. Saudi Arabia offering Tiger Woods $700 million to join the LIV golf franchise (CBS News) displays the ocean of cash created by the $transfer-of-wealth to Wall Street corporations, Etc. Below shows how this $transfer occurs through the illicit Fed. We must demand reversing these illegal transactions / acquisitions. (Tiger Woods rejected the LIV offer.)

E. HIGHER GAS PRICES & OUTLAWING CASH. Saudi Arabia has twice reduced oil output (to two million barrels per day) only to drive the U.S. into recession. Why? Recession hardships will give Biden & Fed opportunity to outlaw cash. (The Saudis otherwise have no interest in causing losses from a manufactured recession.)

F. Derivative contracts of Wall Street corporations, Etc equal $1.2+ quadrillion (part of the ocean of cash); thus the U.S. cannot owe $31+ trillion in debt. See below the Sept. 20, 2022 Tort Claim, & Dec. 5, 2022 liens to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and U.S. Attorney Merrick Garland.

     NOTE: (1,000 x $1 trillion = $1 quadrillion)

     • Support liens to remove these crooks from office.



          NOTE: The three antitrust violations below is what's causing America's debt crisis. Because of these violations that began the systemic theft from the Commerical Sector (i.e., from Americans) in 1999, we do not owe the $31 trillion that they say we owe. In 2022, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell further complicated Violation 2 by reversing the prime interest rate from the near zero extreme (0.25%) to the inoperably high extreme of 7.5%. By April 28, 2023, the evidence forced Powell to admit the Fed had a hand in causing the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank that obviously plagued the failures of FTX Trading, LTD, Silvergate Bank, and the other banks.

Defining Wokism; the Reason Your Taxes Are So High

           WOKISM, the actively destructive conflict-of-interest . . . Due to the above Federal Reserve (Fed) three antitrust violations causing the $transfer-of-wealth ($transfer) to Wall Street corporations, wokism is the "conflict-of-interest between Gov'mt & corporate officials" to maitain that $transfer. This accumulation of wealth incentivizes Gov'mt officials to serve corporations over the needs of The People. I.e., since 1999, the $transfer has shifted political power away from The People and "to corporations." This silent, singular crisis, that has weakened the dollar since 1999, is causing most all other crises, including allowing Marxism and fascism to creep into U.S. free enterprise. Stopping the violations, and reversing many of their unlawful transactions, will repair free enterprise, including to reverse the debt crisis that will restore the U.S. tax base.

        In fact, we do not owe the U.S. debt of $34+ trillion because it accumulated since 1999 due to said violations. Furthermore, as seen in Figures 1 & 2 below, and similar to a Ponzi scheme, the violations make the the debt "circular" that cannot be repaid. To compensate for these dollars removed from the "commercial sector," taxes and fees are constantly hiked (including U.S. postage fees). 

        Said Figures 1 & 2 are from the Sept. 20, 2022 Tort Claim (& 2020 lawsuit). They illustrate today's imbalance of dollars distribution by the Fed. The violations have created an "ocean of cash" for corporations. The ocean of cash is why they want to outlaw cash for "digital currency," to take away The People's ability to "leverage $transactions." Thus, wokism is a psychopathic condition of the status quo (woke corporations & institutions, and gov'mt officials whom support wokism).

       Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Warren Buffett, Etc, are not the financial geniuses you think they are. They got their excess billions from the $transfer, subsidized by your ongoing tax hikes. 

        Securing artificial intelligence (AI)? Given this conflict-of-interest, for example, we have entered the "woke era of un-enlightenment" that cannot resolve the security problems of AI until stopping the $transfer to corporations. The weak dollar has also weakened U.S. foreign policy.

          Media pundits don't define "wokism" because, by its definition, pundits must implicate its improper operation of Gov'mt, including of course, the Fed in bed with corporations. However, as more people are calling to replace the Fed, pundits such as George Stephanopolis, Sebastian Gorka, Dennis Prager, Charlie Kirk, Hugh Hewitt, Etc, will be forced to define wokism. So-called conservatives such as Gorka and Prager hypocritally accuse Democrats of being "woke" even though they and other Republicans are also benefitting from the immense $transfer that's oppressing the lives of Americans and peoples across the world.

          A few examples of today's woke institutions threatening U.S. security are the Kentucky legislature and other State legislatures, American Federation of Teachers, National Education Association, the Education Dept., the FBI/DOJ, the Environmental Protection Agency/EPA, and the Food & Drug Administration/FDA. Ending wokism: When ending the $transfer (by ending the violations) and replacing the Federal Reserve with the OCC\Office of Commercial Contracts within the U.S. Dept of Treasury, corporate & Gov'mt officials will return to serving The People. -- D.Cobble   

          The 2018 Taxpayers' Balance Sheet below shows that, ultimately, this "unchecked problem" will collapse the U.S. and world economies. The $transfer is why ever more tax dollars are paid to the UNPAYABLE Fed debt while fewer-and-fewer tax dollars are funding the budget that is subsidized by ever more borrowing, and hence, CIRCULAR DEBT. That's what makes this longtime slight-of-hand ILLEGAL but too embarrassing for experienced politicians to admit to, such as Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell, and Nancy Pelosi.


        EVIDENTIARY NOTES: The FBI still has not or will not release the manifesto of Nashville, Tennessee shooter Audry Hale.

     The FBI still has not released the subject matter of Obama-era classified documents found in the home and offices of Joe Biden. Believed to be related to China / national security.




         The vast majority of corruption in the United States will vanish upon you, The People, demanding to eliminate the unlawful Federal Reserve (Fed). As shown herein, the Fed only exists to create debt. It commits the extortion of smaller banks when conditions are placed on access to borrowing, resulting in racketeering, such as the recent bank failures in 2023 (and FTX Trading, LTD founded by Sam Bankman-Fried).

       The Fed and mental illness. In fact, if Congress allows Biden and the Fed to outlaw cash to bring in the cashless society, it will place even greater mental stresses on Americans and world populations. The epidemic of mental illness in America is caused by the damaging policies of Gov'mt that makes Americans feel insecure.

       So pursuant to Article 1, Section 8, Clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution, we must replace the Fed with the Office of Commercial Contracts within the Dept of Treasury. See below (bottomside) the March 10, 2023 letter to GSE Dynamics.

Lacking a Climate Plan, Another Reason We Must Vote-out the Status Quo

       As a matter of course, all of gov'mt and major corporations should fully be in the "climate plan mode." We have to suspend all non-essential space flight and redirect those resources towards a global CLIMATE PLAN. Even if you don't believe in climate change, the status quo is also ignoring the pollution crisis that, too, is bringing mankind and other species to extinction. The climate plan, C.C.R.P. (below), calls for a 20-year freeze on non-essential space flight.


Below, more on the invisible debt crisis.


        Taxpayers' Balance Sheet, below. Line 8 shows the inevitable economic collapse unless reversing the three antitrust violations. This will stop bleeding by Federal Reserve (Fed) debt. - The Fed only exists to create debt. Must replace the Fed with the Office of Commercial Contracts within the U.S. Dept. of Treasury.

          Though the two-sided flyer below are outdated, it explains how the debt crisis ($transfer-of-wealth) creates the crisis of high rent and high home prices. Remember that the Federal Reserve only exists to create debt accounts for the global banking cabal.