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Cobble's Politician-fearing REPORTS to The Bishop's Table

          The Bishop's Table, hosted every Friday at 9 a.m. by Bishop Rev. Dennis Lyons in Louisville, Kentucky. DIRECTIONS: Take the West End River Park Dr. exit off I-264, located on Vermont Ave. & I-264.

         The Bishop's Table is an open forum for sharing relevant grass root information. TPAP Founder Daniel Cobble attends to stay connected to the community, to chime-in on matters that the mainstream media won't cover. Such as gentrifying / forcing-out African American residents from their West End communities. Through the Table, TPAP work is spreading nationally that affects everyone globally. Politicians cannot hide from the Table on Vermont Ave

        For full Reports & Attachments as PDFs, click on the selected pages below:

Letter to Casa Bella's Maintenance Manager

          The same antitrust violations by the Federal Reserve are causing routine hikes for the owners of Casa Bella Condominiums.