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About T.P.A.P. Founder Daniel Cobble (& Understanding Wokism)


        Gov'mt in the United States is deftly afraid of Daniel Cobble because he is solving some of real problems that officials do not want resolved. This is so because the solutions are not very complicated. Mr. Cobble then shares this administrative work with the public. To understand Mr. Cobble, see About the Author in either of his books, Universal Equity-based Healthcare (EBH) . . . and Transactional Migration (TM) for U.S. Employers . . . Both books can be downloaded at no cost at Gov'mt officials are coercing publishers to not distribute these books, so he's giving them away for free, for now, so people will have the information.

         As a child, Cobble and his twin brother were ostracized by their large family of thirteen siblings (similar to the Cinderella fairy tale). In his aloneness, he became a daydreamer fixated on how to repair his personal plight at home. His psyche was injured as a child. In that world, his fixation on finding solutions to home life spilled over into searching for solutions for the world at-large. For example, besides his two books, he has 8 patents. Like Adrian Monk (played by Tony Shalhoub in the TV Show Monk), Cobble, too, seeks balance in his perception of the world, in a spiritural sense. In November 2021, he sent his completed puzzle of The God Source Thesis to the University of Louisville's Dept of Physics & Astrology (see the Thesis at Today, like most people, Mr. Cobble is frustrated by U.S. politics and economics where he has identified the problems causing the debt crisis. He is showing Americans that the U.S. & world economies do not have to collapse, but requires public participation to prevent collapse.

        He worked on U.S. Navy jet planes as an Avionic Tech (electronics) for eight years. He's been married to his second wife for twenty-five years. Has two sons from his first wife. He graduated from Sullivan University with an Associates Degree in Applied Sciences in the field of Graphics Design. He retired as a professional carpet cleaner. He contiunes to work as an "administrative activist" for holding gov'mt officials accountable. To save the United States, he says people must be willing to "remove officials from office.

        To give people a real choice, he's run for elected office. In 2020 he ran as a write-in candidate for U.S. Senator in Kentucky. In 2022 he ran for U.S. Representative to replace Rep. John Yarmuth. Both times he encountered corruption of the voting process that violates Sections 147 and 148 of the Kentucky Constitution. For the proper enforcement of voting, he's working to remove from office: Secretary of State Michael Adams, Jefferson County Clerk Bobbie Hosclaw, and others.

        When the Federal Reserve's three antitrust violations began to diminish the U.S. tax base in 1999, Mr. Cobble says the world followed America into today's era of disenlightenment. The resulting $transfer-of-wealth shifted political power from The People to Wall Street corporations and foreign investors. This disenlightenment, where officials have "no respect for truth" and accepted by too many people, arises from the conflict-of-interest between Gov'mt and corporate officials. I.e., we are sacrificing our human values for the profiteering facilitated by Gov'mt officials. This conflict-of-interest has evoked the term woke corporations & institutions as wokism.

        Wokism persists today because most people do not yet understand how the $transfer affects everything in their lives and across the world. The $transfer is causing ever-growing homelessness, child hunger, the stoppage of infrastructure development & maintenance, ending social programs, diminished dollars in other countries (leading to war and the mass migration to the U.S.), ever higher taxation, Etc, Etc.  As a result of the $transfer to Wall Street, the American la la land, of when the American dream is achievable through financial stability, is now, beginning in 1999, replaced with the American  fantasy land of economic instability. For example, to protect the illegal $transfer\ocean of cash, the status quo wants to cause collapse.

        And wherefore, Mr. Cobble continues to educate people because polluting the earth from wokism is destroying human kind, itself. He fights for this sanctity of U.S. communities. And, of course, that sanctity must extend to the global community at-large. He invites you to join the fight. For, supporting his work is key to saving America. – Thank you.

        Below in Figure 1, through the Federal Reserve, the $transfer-of-wealth has shifted poltical power from The People to Wall Street corporations and foreign investors. This condition is wokism, the conflict of interest between Gov'mt & corporate officials. Shown in Figure 2, wokism is reversible to restore American free enterprise by stopping the three antitrust violations, shown further below.

        Below are the three antitrust violations . . .