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Is Overpopulation Real or the Status Quo's Attempt to Hold Power?

. . . including the Real Motive for Child Sex Changes (The Chloe Cole Story)

. . . and Why the Maui and Canadian Fires are Under Suspicion

. . . and Understanding the Terms "Woke" & "Wokeism"

        For solutions to overpopulation and to avoid today's insanity of the far-right & far-left (causing depression & anxiety, psychopathic, narcissistic, and schizophrenic behaviors), Gov'mt officials and academia have to tell the truth about overpopulation, including if overpopulation exists at all. For, it's very likely that the status quo's (our leadership) untrustworthy ideas on overpopulation, i.e., to reduce the population (depopulate), comes from their quest to stay in power. They know that because our fixable problems are not getting resolved, people want a change in the status quo.

       For example, 70% of the U.S. electorate supports a third-party push (called the "No Labels Movement") to prevent electing Trump and Biden. So let's see what happens when ending the Federal Reserve (Fed), its 3 antitrust violations causing the $transfer-of-wealth to Wall Street corporations, the high-rent crisis forcing homelessness, poverty around the world, weakening the U.S. dollar, precipitating the B.R.I.C.S. movement to replace the U.S. dollar, Etc., Etc.

       The Dec. 1, 2023 Report, below, is the latest proof of attempts to depopulate.

      The word is out that Bill Gates is making his 250,000+ acres of farmland non-fertile to prevent growing food. We don't know for sure yet, but this rumor is consistent with his push to de-populate the earth. Keep in mind that most of Gates' $holdings\ cash since 1999 are ill-gotten, illegal from the Fed's antitrust violations. See the Sept. 20, 2022 Tort Claim and liens on the homepage > homepage.

        YouTube superstar & renowned Clinical Psychologist Jordan Peterson says we cannot take the overpopulation theory seriously because the status quo is not doing much to stop the climate\pollution crisis. They are ignoring: climate planning (click here), education, family planning, public participation in reducing pollution, the advancements in safe, clean nuclear power, Etc. Dr. Peterson and others say, by the evidence, the current political situation of stonewalling the response to pollution is intentional by design. And Elon Musk (of Tesla) says we need more people or civilization will crumble. That's why we have to demand removing the status quo from office.

        They must go to prison, for example, if 1) Bill Gates is using farmland to tamper with\sabotage the food supply, 2) Pres. Biden is helping Putin to flatten Ukraine (the world's bread basket), 3) Fed board outlawing cash, Etc, Etc.

The Child Transgender Rampage is Really About Depopulation, Making Our Children Sterile

The Chloe Cole Story

           In December 2022, then 18-year-old Chloe Cole told her YouTube story to Dr. Peterson about her journey into child transgenderism, a sex change. It wasn't until the handlers of Chloe's medical procedures refused to help her change back to a girl (called to detransgender) that you begin to realize what child sex changes are really all about. They are for sterilizing our kids to prevent having babies, to prevent procreation. (Everything the far left does is unnatural, of which is why we cannot trust them.)

          At age 16, due to the hormone treatments, Chloe began to have early female inclinations to have kids. Her female instincts were beginning to override the tendencies to become a boy. Transgender influencers do not allow kids to mature to sort out their confusion. And that's another reason child sex changes must be banned until the child reaches age 21 to then better understand who she\he is. For example, Chloe happily played with dolls as a child. So apparently her tomboy behavior was just an adolescent phase made worse by the transgender craze in social media. How many other kids are dealing with this confusion? Probably most of them. So the handlers and culture at-large are criminally negligent for ignoring this most critical information.

        She tells Peterson of how the medical procedures, including a double mastectomy (removed both breasts), ravaged her body. And how the handlers did not provide full disclosure of what she was likely to experience.

        Their motive: Because far leftists (Communists\Marxists) do not reveal their true intentions, we must conclude that they don't care about children. Thus, the only motive can be for child sex changes is to make the kids sterile, for depopulating the U.S., the Earth. It’s beyond a narcissistic cult when adopted by the status quo. Of course, this psychopathic abuse is not accepted in other countries, so other tactics are being devised for killing-off people. These include engineering food shortages, spreading diseases for epidemics, prescription drugs designed to weaken the body's chromosome (including COVID-19 vaccines), serving salty food in retirement homes, Etc, Etc. It's even reasoned that the wild fires in Canada are intentional for causing respiratory illnesses in the surrounding regions, including the United States.

        As evidence of arson causing the great Maui, Hawaii fire, for example, the Emergency Management Administrator premeditatively decided to not activate the public fire alarms. It’s also suspicious that only the Administrator can activate the alarm, that he was not in Maui when the emergency began, and that he did not return after it began. – Both governments in Canada and Maui are far leftists. – So, is arson yet another tactic to cause suffering to depopulate?

        Hence, attempting sex change violates the child's constitutional right to life, liberty, and happiness. I.e., we don't have the right to jeopardize her\his happiness\welfare prior to maturity of the body, the opportunity to grow. The solution to supporting these kids that develop anxieties is simply to bring the parents into schools as aides to teachers & staff. The Parental-School Staff Partnership is proven to calm students to focus on learning, diminish student bullying, and turn environments into higher performing schools. – The pretigious Rand Corporation confirms the Parental Partnerships solve problems.

        Threatening your family. And wherefore, we have to stop this madness of child sex changes until children have become adults at age 21. – Here again is why the Great Reset must include removing leaders from office and ending the Federal Reserve (the central banking system) along with its destructive antitrust violations. Let's stop the de-population conspiracy\movement before it gains full steam to threaten your family.

        Support the liens and other claims on the homepage (click here).



Understanding the Terms "Woke" & "Wokeism"

        There's a lot of "code talk" in the media about wokeism, but not defined. It's important for Americans to understand this language in-code because it's how the status quo is screwing everyone.

        The $transfer-of-wealth is what creates the condition known as "wokeism" and "woke corporations & woke institutions." The media's use of wokeism does not correlate with the definition in Internet dictionaries. For example, the far left does not discuss or even mention the terms woke or wokeism. Instead, conservatives use these terms to show the far left, Gov'mt officials, corporations, and institutions acting against the interests of The People. Still yet, conservatives such as Huge Hewitt and Charlie Kirk don't like defining wokeism because "the honest definition" requires ending the Fed.

        Wokeism is the conflict-of-interest between Gov'mt & corporate officials and institutions due to the ocean-of-cash creating the $transfer from the above mentioned Fed's three antitrust violations. Thus, wokeism will end only when ending these violations. Until then, we cannot trust the actions of Gov'mt officials\institutions that are now functioning for the interests of corporations. I.e., since 1999 when the first violation began (ending the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933), the $transfer has shifted political power to Wall Street corporations, away from The People. The herein tort action and liens (on the Homepage) seek to stop the violations but needs public support.

        The Fed now wants to illegally outlaw cash for a cashless society because The People, partly through the work of Daniel Cobble, are beginning to understand the $transfer-of-wealth. Since 1999, the Fed & Wall Street have stolen the prosperity of Americans, and eventually the The People  will want their prosperity back. I.e., the Fed is running away from the problems it has caused. But it cannot run away because when things collapse The People will demand that these criminals go to prison. For, the $transfer is what's really behind depopulation & transgenderism (sterilizing our kids), ruining public schools, etc. Yet all of these problems will go away simply by stopping the three antitrust violations, because then, political power will return to The People.        

Living Inside Today's Matrix

       [Note: The $transfer-of-wealth compares to the living conditions in the movie trilogy, The Matrix (Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne). Today, people don't realize the $transfer is causing their alternate reality of confusion & imbalance, especially those who do not remember the balanced economic boom prior to 1999 and the younger folks born after 1999. In The Matrix, deterioration of the Earth is also relevant today because humans are essentially ignoring the rampant pollution. There's no active climate plan, and war and the military arms races accelerate pollution.] 

        It's within the interest of the Fed (Federal Reserve board), Wall Street corporations, Etc, to reverse this problem now before it collaspses. Stop the abuse before the B.R.I.C.S. currency takes over the U.S. dollar (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa). Simply stop the three antitrust violations that's causing this massive theft\abuse. Also see the Mission Statement on the Homepage for replacing the Fed.