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Stopping the New, Unnecessary Federal Prison; Fixing Public Schools is Not Complicated But Does Require Some Work to Undo the Damage

        The continuing outragious actions of Gov'mt, such as proposing an unnecessary new federal prison, is more clear of what officials are up to. This of course gives proper direction for applying your hard-earned tax dollars. The movement to switch students to private & charter schools away from public schools will end when taxpayers start demanding neighborhood participation in the schools and critical programs promoting fatherhood. In fact, a keen focus on community participation should make public schools even more successful than before the movement began for charter schools, etc.

        This national situation is suspect\dubious because educators know well that parental involvement in the child's education advances the success of the child. For examplein the early '90s, TPAP Founder Daniel Cobble moved-in with his girlfriend in Oak Harbor, Washington (while in the military). She had a 15 year-old son getting "Ds" and "Fs" in school. Within that first semester when Cobble started helping and setting rules for homework, going to his sports events, visiting the teachers in school, etc., her son's grades rose to "As" and "Bs."

        So, you can't fool Mr. Cobble. Case closed.

        Also, understanding and ending wokism is the other part of this equation that's placing pressure on parents\communities. When ending wokism, as prior to 1999, Gov'mt & corporate officials will return to serving The People. To see wokism defined, click here.