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Addendum (Addition) to the Lawsuit > click here

DENYING YOUR RIGHT TO CHANGE PARTIES: Secretary of State Michael Adams and the KY Board of Elections issued a December 31, 2023 Soviet-style deadline for voters to change political parties for 2024. Cobble believes the deadline is to prevent him running for U.S. Representative in the May 21, 2024 KY primaries, though it is denying everyone this right to change parties.


Attachment 7 below illustrates traditional "neighborhood precincts voting" under the Kentucky Constitution (that's NOT PRACTICED TODAY). If a voting problem arises, it's quick & easy to audit precincts with 700 votes. All States operated this system until inception of the time-consuming "mail-in balloting" where auditing is difficult to allow cheating. The motive for mail-in voting is TO CHEAT. For example, Cobble believes California's all mail-in balloting cheats the voters to keep the Democrats in power, and elsewhere.

Step 1 below shows secure mail-in balloting for traditional neighborhood precincts voting.

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Feb. 18, 2023 Updated Warrant Letter to Gov. Beshear to Revote Nov. 8, 2022 Elections - Click here


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